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The World Metaphysical Academy offers the opportunity for serious seekers to earn their PhD in Metaphyics or Metaphyiscal Healing.

All courses are provided via distance home study. All manuals are emailed to you after your enrollment has been processed, generally within 24 hours.

Each individual course will still earn its separate course certification and when all are done the degree will also be mailed out in one package at time of completion. f you prefer to have each course certificate mailed out separately we can do so for the additional cost of postage.

Many of our degree holders have successful careers as writers, tarot readers, psychics, teachers, energy healers, astrologers, numerologists, and more.  WMA, a division of Reiki Rays Institute, a fully certified and accredited facility recognized by the International Natural Healers Association.

 The PhD program requires any 12 courses to be completed from the list below from the World Metaphysical Academy and our affiliate, Reiki Rays Institute.

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Angel Therapy

Animal Communication


Astral Projection


Attracting Prosperity

Aura Therapy

Chakra Therapy

Color Therapy

Creative Visualization

Crystal Therapy

Dream Interpretatinon

Dowsing/Using Pendulums

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

Flower And Plant Spirit Essences



Kundalini Reiki



Introduction to the Kabbalah

Mantras and Affirmations


Paramnormal Investigation

Past Life Regression

Psychic Intuitive Development


Shamballa Multidimensional Healing

Soul Discovery Life Coaching

Sound Healing Therapy

Spirit Guide Communcation

The StonesSpeak Gemstone Guidance System


Usui Reiki

The PhD in Metaphysics or Metaphysical Healing includes the 12 courses of your choice from the list above emailed to you within 24 hours of enrollment. There is no time limit to complete the entire program, but the average student is able to complete one course per month and earn their degree within a calendar year. We have open enrollment so you can enroll at any time.

For those who are already Certified Metaphysical or Holistic Health Practitioners, please contact us for a revised program to best suit your needs and level of course completion.

The tuition for this package of 12 courses is $599 USD plus mailing.

Accredited members of WMA or ACHH receive a $100 USD discount and will have a special invoice sent to them.  Please email us and do not use the button below or you will not receive this discount.