Psychic Intuitive Certification

The World Metaphysical Association proudly offers our own certification process for psychic intuitives. With so many fortunetellers and uninformed practitioners available locally and online, its hard for a trained professional to establish his or her credentials as a legitimate intuitive consultant. How does one declare to the public that he or she is a knowledgeable, highly skilled professional? Just as in almost every field, one obtains professional certification.

We have heard your requests, and introduce the World Metaphysical Association Psychic Intuitive Certification Board. There are several personal reasons why you should consider WMA Board Certification:

Certification sets a professional standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the industry.

Certification establishes credentials as a practitioner for those who have many years of life experience but no formal education.

Certification earns you the respect of your peers and community

Certification makes employment as a professional much easier

Certification may be required in some states to work professionally

Certification shows that you take your practice seriously.

 The WMA Psychic Intuitive Board was created by a panel of intuitive consultants to serve your needs, and is available to those who are self-taught, apprenticed, or formally educated.

         Professional Intuitive Consultant

To qualify as a WMA endorsed Intuitive Consultant, you must be able to do the following:

Create a Code of Ethics for your Practice

Perform 3 intuitive sessions to be evaluated for accuracy 

      Submit a biography of your education and experience       

Agree to respect the privacy of your clients 

Provide a sample of your advertising, if applicable

Lifetime Certification Fee: $50

The WMA Psychic Intuitive Certification Board reserves the right to revoke or refuse certification to those who unethically advertise or in any way falsify their abilities or the information they provide.

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