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Aruna Dawn, Executive Director and Lead Instructor

Aruna Dawn is the current Executive Director of the WMA.  She holds a BA, Magna Cum Laude, in English Literature, and went on to obtain a Masters and PhD in Natural Health, then onto Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D) from Clayton College of Natural Health. She has also completed additional post graduate studies in Holistic Health, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, and Divinity. Dawn had the rare opportunity to study under Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak among other titles, who told her she too would follow in his footsteps with teaching and writing.

A renowned Tarot consultant, she is recognized by the Tarot Certification Board of America as a Certified Tarot Master Instructor, an honor bestowed to only a handful of individuals worldwide. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Reading the Tarot.  Dawn had the honor of studying closely with Reverend John Gilbert, founder of the Tarot Institute, whom she still stays in contact with to this day.

She was given her name, Aruna, by Swami Kriyananda soon after her initiation into Kriya Yoga. Aruna is a second generation disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and is a member of the Ananda Church of Self-Realization.

Aruna is trained in several Traditional and Western Reiki traditions, and  holds separate certification in Hypnotherapy, Flower Essences, Massage and Bodywork practices, and is a certified Yoga instructor. She is an ordained minister, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, and the President of Reiki Rays Institute.

Dolores Smallelk, Adjunct Instructor

Dolores is an ordaned minister and practicing Shaman from Canada. Her mission is to share her gifts with those who are open to receive. A strong intuitive, Dolores excels in Animal communication. In fact our joint venture with her school Smallelk Sacred Energy, is largely due to shared intuitive messages we both received from the animal kingdom.

We are featuring some of her many courses to WMA students on our Courselist page which should take you immediately to her school. All courses completed with Dolores count towards a Metaphysical practitioner certification. 

Dolores is an accredited and certified teacher, intuitive, and healer and comes highly recommeded.

If you would like further information about Dolores, feel free to contact her directly:


Emma Bisschoff, Executive Director, South African Chapter

Emma is the President and Founder of Healing Energies, and Executive Director of our South African chapter. She is a Shaman, intuitive healer, and natural channeler and has been blessed with an ancestral heritage of psychic abilities and healing gifts. Emma is also a Shamanic Energy Healing Master, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, A Lightarian Reiki Master, a Reiki Master in various other Reiki systems. a Master Teacher in various Flush and Empowerment Systems as also an Ashati Master Teacher. She teaches and facilitate a variety of metaphysical healing modalities including the Sacred Andean Teachings


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Welcome to the Academy portion of the World Metaphysical Association, offered through our auxiliary school, Reiki Rays Institute. We offer fully accredited and certified courses that are available to anyone age 18 or over who is able to read and write English and has a desire to learn.

Membership is NOT required to take any of our classes, and you will not be asked to join at a later date. This is an optional and additional offering from the WMA to the metaphysical community.

All courses are provided via distance home study and are provided in conjunction with our affiliate, Reiki Rays Institute. All manuals emailed to you after your enrollment has been processed, generally within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us by then, please email us, as sometimes emails with attachments get captured by spam. Should you need us to print and mail a manual, additional charges will apply. Please contact us for costs.

All certifications are mailed and are suitable for framing. You were charged all associated costs with the mailing of your certification at time of order.

Many of our graduates have successful careers as tarot readers, psychics, teachers, astrologers, numerologists, and more.  WMA, a division of Reiki Rays Institute, a fully certified and accredited facility recognized by the International Natural Healers Association.

You can enroll in our courses one at a time, or if you are interested, you can enroll in our Parapsychic Science Degree Programs

Course Offerings

Angel Card Reading Workshop with Dolores Smallelk

Animal Communication

Metaphysical Practitioner Certification Program 

Complete any 5 courses with us, and earn certification as a Metaphysical Practitioner as a free incentive. This is a great way to display your achievement and help establish a business or career. Courses taken with Reiki Rays Institute or with Dolores Smallelk all count towards the Metaphysical Practitioner Certification. Please email for more information  reikirays@yahoo.com

of the Shamanic Munay-Ki and Animal Healing & Communication. In addition, she is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and travel all over South Africa sharing her gifts and teachings. You can visit her school at healing-energies.org

Lena Townsend, Spiritual Director and Workshop Facilitator

Having always been interested in the fields of religion, spirituality, and the metaphysical, Lena has dedicated her life to Spirit and the higher-self. Some of her talents and interests include Tarot, spiritual healing, natural healing, aromatherapy, meditation, aura readings, Reiki, intuitive readings, psychics, mediums, palmistry, dream interpretations, numerology, scrying, candle magick, and creating abundance through the Law of Attraction. She is well versed in the study of the paranormal and spirit communications, as well.

She has a set of standards that she lives by and reads under which includes, but is not limited to, honesty, integrity, respect for self and others, and the highest confidentiality.

Lena is a Certified Tarot Master and has been reading for over ten years. She provides detailed accurate readings through insight and intuition. Her full circle reading provides the client with step by step guidance for finding their inner path and maintaining personal spiritual as well as physical well being.

During a reading she will gently guide the client through the reading with factual statements and descriptions as to how the reading works, what each position means, and the detailed description of the cards themselves. Lena has the ability to read with tea leaves, dominoes, a crystal, a pendulum, dice, toothpicks, and much more.

As an Ordained Minister, Lena has performed numerous healing circles, prayer and meditation ceremonies, and Spirit honoring rituals. She is available to perform weddings, hand -fasting ceremonies, and ceremonies honoring the changes of life such as birth, coming of age, and maturity. Lena is available by appointment for one on one healing circles, prayer, and individual spiritual insight sessions.

Lena believes that everyone should be able to celebrate spiritual freedom as long as they are doing no harm to others or themselves. Her hope is that each individual find their special one on one connection to Spirit.

Her reputation as an intuitive reader and Tarot Master speaks for itself, as does her skillful and detailed writing. Her love of Spirit, family, and friends shows in her numerous connections. She has a genuine love of life and nature. Lena believes fully in Karmic Law and that one gets out of life exactly what one puts into it, therefore, she makes it a point to always do the best possible by Spirit, others, and herself.

Lena's goal is to continue learning as much as she possibly can. She believes that life is a constant journey of learning and that one can never be too well versed in the ways of spirituality. She plans to continue her education in order to expand he horizons and be better able to serve Spirit and her clients.

Through her writing, Lena continues to spread awarenss to the spiritual, natural, and loving ways of nature and life. Lena will continue to share about all areas of the metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal.

Lena will often provide workshops for small/medium sized groups in the Kansas/MO region in metaphysical practices by special appointment. Contact us for more details.