Developing Intuition Course




              Developing Intuition

Have you ever thought about someone, and then the phone rings and its them?  Or have you had a gut instinct that manifested?  We are all born with innate intuitive abilities that we can develop to enhance our lives.  Developing your intuition may assist you in your healing practice, finding your true calling, and most importantly, communing with the Divine forces in your life.

Being a psychic is not about predicting the future or trying to uncover winning lottery numbers, but about using our senses to the fullest to serve the Higher good of all.


Sharpening your original five senses

Altered states of consciousness

Developing a psychic shield


Psychic healing




Astral travel

Contacting Spirit guides and guardian angels

Course includes emailed textbook sent to you within 24 hours of enrolling, and requires homework assignments and a final exam for completion.  

Upon graduation, the Academy will mail a signed certificate, suitable for framing. This will empower you to teach, perform sessions, or conduct workshops both online and in your local community. An intuitive consultant session ranges from $25-$125 per session or more depending on the length of the appointment. For those whose goal is to do professional consulting, nvesting in this course is all that you need to be ready to begin.

This course counts towards our Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional course after successfully completing any five courses with the World Metaphysical Academy. 

Our graduates are also automatically approved for metaphysical accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association at a reduced rate. Further information will be provided upon completion of your course.

Tuition for our Certified Intuitive Development Course is $75 USD

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