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  J.D. Toomer, President

J. D. Toomer has been a gifted seer since early childhood, and like most of us with natural intuition, was misunderstood and judged accordingly.  Her experiences motivated her to spread awareness to others about the truth about intuition and other metaphysical arts. Visit her website Metaphysical Studies

She spent the earlier part of her adult life engaged in private metaphysical instruction, ad then in  2003,  enrolled at Calamus International University, completing her MetD in 2005.

 Jan has written about her life experiences and uses her stories  in her classes.  She  teaches the basics of metaphysics, and then  goes on to assist participants to find their primary (and secondary, if applicable) gifts, and how to refine them.

             In 2005, she was directed to expand and refine her classes and more recently has deepened her commitment to teaching. Jan has learned that true metaphysical learning is a lifelong ongoing process, but she also has discovered that the deepest learning comes from teaching and interacting with others.

 At present, Jan is an accredited member of WMA working diligently on her metaphysical teaching career and skills.