Mantras and Affirmations Course


      Mantras and Affirmations Course


Our Mantras and Affirmations course was specifically designed to teach you how to manifest peace, health, prosperity- or anything else you desire- by utilizing the power of your voice.

This course includes your textbook emailed to you within 24 hours of enrollment, which includes progress tests and case studies, and concludes with a final exam.

Upon graduation, the Academy will mail a signed certificate, suitable for framing. This will empower you to teach or conduct workshops both online and in your local community.

This course counts towards our Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional course after successfully completing any five courses with the World Metaphysical Academy. 

Our graduates are also automatically approved for metaphysical accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association at a reduced rate. Further information will be provided upon completion of your course.

Tuition for our Certified Mantras and Affirmations Course: $60 USD

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