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WMA School of Parapsychic Science

The World Metaphysical Association's Academy offers the degrees of  B.S., M.S., and PhD in Parapsychic Science to serious seekers who wish to improve their understanding of Metaphysics. We offer open enrollment for the BS level, and require the student to complete the Bachelor's to proceed in the higher degree levels. There is no time limit to complete any individual course or degree.

All courses are emailed to you within 72 hours of enrollment. No additional supplies or expenses are required to complete any course. You may purchase supplemental supplies, such as gemstones,  to assist you if desired.

Many of our courses featured here are also offered at our affiliate, Reiki Rays Institute.

The Bachelor of Sciences in Parapsychic Science consists of 8 courses featured below, but you can mix and match any 8 courses from Reiki Rays Institute at any time with permission.

Intuition and Psychic Development

This course provides in depth coverage, as well as exercises, to help the seeker increase and develop their natural intuition.


The use of pendulums and other objects for dowsing goes back thousands of years and is still readily being used today.  Pendulums can help one find water, missing objects, detect energy drains and illness, and even a source of Divination.


Meditation is the ability to still one's mind to tap into the energy of God and the Universe.  It is the core of many practices, from energy healing to intuitive advancement, but is a wonderful way to achieve focus, centeredness, and stress relief in our fast paced modern world.

Paranormal Investigation 

Learn the basics of conducting a paranormal investigation.  This can be done by anyone, without the expense of acquiring fancy equipment and technology, but rather using common sense, basic research skills, and items that are easily obtainable.

Chakra Therapy

The chakras are the seven human energy centers that run the length of the spinal column and are responsible for physical, emotional, and spiritual energy balance. Learn how to enhance well-being by achieving energetic balance using hands on and distance techniques.

Crystal Therapy

Harness the magnificent power of the Earth by learning how to use the natural energies of crystals and gemstones.


Numbers, like all other symbols, contain unique vibrations that tell a story.  Understanding the vibrations of numbers is useful in uncovering the meaning of one's name, life purpose, and spiritual understanding.


 Learn to read palms to uncover your financial outlook, health trends, and relationships.

Bachelor of Parapsychic Science  $319.99

The Master of Science in Parapsychic Science consists of 7 additional  courses and is available to those whom have obtained our Bachelor degree. You can select these or any courses on our affiliate web site, Reiki Rays Institute:

The Stones Speak Gemstone Guidance System 

 This wonderful system instructs you how to use gemstones as tools for Divination. A link to print and make your own Stones Speak cards is provided, so you do not need to purchase or use gemstones to complete this program.

Aura Therapy

Learn to detect and balance the human energy field to enhance health and well-being.

The Universal Rays

This system of universal understanding consists of 7 activations that connect you with the Ascended Masters of the chakra system. The goal of the Universal Rays is to promote understanding that We are all One.

Totem Animals

 Become connected to your power animals as a way to deepen your spiritual connection and healing abilities

Creative Visualization 

Tapping into the power of the mind is as easy as using your imagination.  Discover how to unlock your ability to manifest your desires by learning the Universal law of Attraction.


  Learn to tap into the power of the human mind to overcome negative programming, fears, and other hidden obstacles that may be interfering with the healing process.

Spirit Communication

Communicating with angels and guides is not only easy, it is our birthright.  Simple exercises help the seeker open the channels of communication to their angels, guides, and other benevolent presences in life.

In addition, an approved project which can include case studies, research, and/or readings will be required.

The Master of Parapsychic Science is $279.99

The Doctor of of Parapsychic Science consists of 5 additional courses as well as an approved research project and is available to those who have completed their Master's degree. You can choose these 5 courses or select any courses on our affiliate web site, Reiki Rays Institute:

The Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is an ancient document of Jewish mystical Scriptures which shows the seeker  path to enlightenment and God.  Most commonly known for its Tree of Life glyph, the Kabbalah teaches us about the 10 sephiroth and 22 paths to awareness.

Astral Projection

Being able to "leave" the body is not as difficult as one may believe.   The ability to travel to other times, places, and realms is quite possible with the practice of specific techniques which will be shared in this program.

Regression Therapy 

Have you lived before?  Understanding the patterns of our soul will help one overcome the repetitive cycle of birth, suffering, and death, and be able to transcend to higher levels of awareness.  Learn how to do regression- with or without the use of hypnosis- for your own or others discovery.


What if you could learn how to talk to God?  The tarot, a system of divination ( divination means to communicate with the Divine) can help you do just that.  Often a misunderstood tool, the Tarot is a wonderful, spiritual tool of Divine understanding and is not nor was ever meant to be the predictive, fortune-telling game that so many have turned it into. This in depth program will show you exactly how to create your open channel to the Divine in your life.


Many wonder how far away planets can possibly affect people here on Earth.  However, once you understand that we are all connected and created by the same force that created all life and everything in the Universe, its easy to see understand.  Learn how planetary alignments and phases of the moon affect us, as well as learn how to erect a birth chart for personal analysis.  

Research Project

In addition to the forenamed courses, an approved research project will be required.

Doctor of Parapsychic Science $229.99

 Complete Parapsychic Science Degree Program

entire package $800

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World Metaphysical Academy is a fully integrated auxiliary of Reiki Rays Institute, an INHA accredited educational institution.