Sacred Geometry

 Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the study of the universal mathematical patterns and formulas that exist in the world around us, and how they help us understand our connection to the Universal Creative Source. 

Sacred Geometry focuses on discovering the shapes and formulas that are encoded in the very substances and structures in life that we have been using and reacting to on a subconscious level. It is believed that in the study of Sacred Geometry, the seeker will better align with the Great Mysteries.

Our course goes in depth into the mathematics and theory of Sacred Geometry, but the goal is for the student to become familiar with the shapes and patterns for personal and soul evolution.

Course Outline

What is Sacred Geometry?

The History of Sacred Geometry

Why is it called Sacred?

Sacred Geometry in Music


Further Mathematical Connections to Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry in Architecture and Art



The Shapes of Sacred Geometry

The Circle/Sphere

Vesica Pisces



The Platonic Solids- the Heart of Sacred Geometry

The Archimedean Solids

Metatron's Cube

The Flower of Life

The Seed of Life

The Tree of Life

The Merkaba

Nautilus Shell

Sri Yantra

How Sacred Geometry can Enhance your Life

Healing with Sacred Geometry

Creating Crystal Grids with Sacred Geometry

Our course is unique and offers energetic attunements to the featured symbols of Sacred Geometry. We perform the session in a singular distance session by appointment. You can also request additional power symbols not featured in the program for your attunement experience.

Successful completion of a brief final exam is required to earn your certification as a Sacred Geometry Practitioner.

Once you enroll, your manual is emailed to you within 24 hours. If not received, please email

This course is also listed on our sister site, Reiki Rays Institute and can count towards your holistic health, metaphysical health, or holistic animal practitioner certification programs.

$55.00 plus certification postage

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