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 WMA Accredited Members

 The following  schools, teachers, practitioners, businesses, and websites w have applied for WMA accreditation and met our code of excellence.

Please note that due to privacy reasons, this page may not be a complete listing of all who were approved for accreditation. If you would like to verify accreditation of any entity, please contact us.

The providers listed do not teach or offer services officially on behalf of WMA, but instead offer their own classes, services, and products that we fully endorse. 

The links below are to member sites that are not owned or operated by the WMA. They are independent schools and practitioners from around the world. Most provide their services internationally, regardless of their country of origin.

Qualifying schools, sites, teachers, and members are granted permission to display our logo on their sites and literature.  

21st Century Metaphysics

Aaradhya Natural Healing Center- India

Kathleen Abraham

The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies

Advanced Healing Energetics, LLC - Oregon

Ageless Yoga Studio

Alektrik Crystals Energy Wellness- New York

Samantha Alley, CCH- United Kingdom

Maria Allocca

Altered Elements- Naples, FL

Yvonne Garley-Alvarez, CCH

Amethyst Luna Rose

The Angel Whisperer Dr. Kelli ®

Anmol Mehta's Meditation Teacher Training Certification- Old Bridge, NJ

Anmol Mehta's Meditation Yoga Training Certification- Old Bridge, NJ

Apothecary Circle- Washington, US

Tammy Archibald

Ascension Healing Studio

A.S.K. Life Coaching Ministry

Astrology Magic

Astrology Magic- Instagram

Athena School of Natural Therapies- Willenhall, England

Atlantis Institute-Wexford, Ireland


Aura Wellness Center- Attleboro, MA

Bad Bitch Academy of Psychic Development-Winnepeg, Canada

Balance for Life: Mind, Body & Soul Healing- Long Island, NY

Mary Donnelly Baranski- Bluffton, South Carolina

Linda Barney- Utah

Julie Basham- California

Beyond Body Crystal Therapies by April Graham

Beads for Mamas- United Kingdom

Mara Ann Benner

Bliss Healing and Wellness

Blue Lake Wellness Collective - MI

Jessica Bon Garcia,CCH, RMT - Fresno, CA

Shawn Gavin Bosley

The Brave Foundation

Ellen Brown

Tracey R. Bryant-Swint- Love My Womb Academy GA

Canadian Witch - Learning the Craft Academy- Canada

Jess Carlson- CA

Rosa Carrafa- Spiritual Aspects  Australia

Casa Brahma- Portugal

Barbara J. Case- PA

Celtic Fae Readings - Northern Ireland

Centro Due Cieli- Italy

Chelsy Anne- Canada

Heyde Class- Sedona, AZ

College of Holistic Health - Ohio

College of Spiritual Studies- Israel

Cosmic Moon

Cote a Cote- Japan

Christina Crider

Crystal Energy Healer- Lynda Stack

Crystal Lavault by Catherine Grace Jennings- Zimbabwe

The Crystal Point- Jolanta Pickett -New Zealand

A Crystal Touch, LLC -Claudia J. Miles, CCH, RM

Elizabeth Crowley- Texas

Crystal Healing Kingdom Academy- Mackay, Australia

The Crystal Sparrow- Lisa Phillips - Canada

Crystalline Therapeutics by Melanie Campbell-Saunders, CCH-

Crystal Starshine -Georgia

Crystal Vibes Healing- Beverly Jane Little- Texas  281-734-3722

the Curious Cauldron

Daelyn's Witchy Things-Palm Coast, Florida

Kelleigh Dahl, Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master

Angela Danyluck

Daily Alchemy

Kelly-Lynn Danyluk- Alberta, Canada

Jetta Jane Davies, CCH, RM - Virginia

Jessika Davis-California

Natalie D. Davis, CCH, R.M.-California

Selina Davis, CCH - California

Brenda DeHaan's Rockin'Crystals- South Dakota

Karina Del Pezo,CCH

Demure Lyfe- Sienna Van Dunk

Gina Eva DeRoos

Carol Dickinson- Arizona

Alice Dilts- Intuitive and Healing Services Provider

Divine Goddess Healing by Radhika Chugh- India

Divine Thyming Reiki & Wellness

Divinely Restored, LLC

Catherine Dunne- Ireland

Karen Ellis, CCH

Judy Ila Ely, CCH

Earth and Beyond Healing Therapies

Earth and Sky Spirit Reiki-Goodyear, AZ

Echoes of the Whispering Sea: Crystal Healing Sessions -Virginia

Elemental Healing Arts & Training, LLC

The Emerald Lotus

Enchanted Haven- Australia

Energy Consciousness

Essence Mind Body Studio

Esoteric Arts Chicago

A Feminine Protocol- England

Krystal Fleischman, CCH, LMT - Maryland

FloraSage Therapies Institute- Flora Peterson

Jené Danielle Frausto - Certified Intuitive Medium

Full Body Resonance- Keizer, OR

Dyan Garris- Voice of the Angels

Genesis Spiritual Healing New Jersey

Gianina Lamont, CCH, Reiki Master Teacher- Canada

Gina Nicole- Massachusetts

Cassandra W. Glenn, CCH

Goddess of Weaving- Idaho

Brigit Goldworthy

Kara Goss, Spiritual Healer

Kevin Grube

Nsasi Vence Guerra

Cory Gunn, CCH

Debbie Hardy California

Veronica Harrison's Find Your True Path - Texas

Rich Hayden

Healing and Attunements- Northern Ireland

Healing Aotearoa- Pierre Houwers, CCH, ACM

Healing Art Forms- Ohio

Healing Energies- South Africa

Healing Spiral of Light

The HealNReveal

Chita Hearse

The Heart Star

The Heart Store Etsy Store- Ohio

Carrie Hensley

 Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Katharine E. Hieber

Higher Source International, LLC

Holistic Healers Academy - NJ

Holistic Mountain Therapies

Alisha Holloway, CCH, CKYT

Gloria Earthraven Hunsberger

Jessica C. Hunter- Hunter Healing Hands - CT

Angela Hutcheon- Spain

Infinity Crystal Healing- Port St Lucie, FL

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy

Inspired Wellness, LLC

 Integrated Energy and Spiritual Learning Centre

The Integrative Healing Center- Charles Mc Donald Canada

Integrative Healing Therapies with Jeanne Daniels -Webster, WI

Intuitive Crystal Elements-North Carolina

Illuminations Academy for the Intuitive Arts and Sciences

Syed Kashif Iqbal- Pakistan

J.D. Toomer's Metaphysical Studies- Las Cruces, NM

Beatrice Ann Johnson, CCH; Reiki Master-Bridge City, LA

Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson,DD, DM, PhD

Journey Whispers-  Kansas

KERA Center

Susan King-California

Lady Adrienne

Lap Cat Crystals by Tracey Marie, CCH, RM, WMA

Deborah Lahoud

Laura Sunshine Therapies

Vicki Hunter Lennon

The Little Things LLC

Darlene G. Long

Lotus Glo

Love & Light School of Energy Medicine by Ashley Levy - Wisconsin

Lucky Astrology Books

Lumiere Energy Healing by Cynthia Martin - California

Noemi Lupo- Celestessenza - Palermo, Italy

Nancy Joy Luptowski

Lisa Macy, CCH

Cheryl Mann-Hall

Manifested Harmony

Ren Matney

Lauren Kane Mattone, CCH, Reiki Master - MI

Mayastar Academy Lux Aeterna Temple & University-United Kingdom

Kathryne McCracken - South Carolina

Rebecca L. McDonald

Jenny Merkey, CCH

Claudia L. Meyer, OK

Tonya Ann Mickens, CCH

Midlantic Wellness Center - New Jersey

A Crystal Touch, LLC -Claudia J. Miles, CCH, RM

Jessica Miller, CCH

Miracle Healing Academy- Japan

Anamika Mishra- Spiritual Cafe

Stephanie Snowden Moix - Tampa, FL

Moonbird Holistics -United Kingdom

Moon Blossom Studio -Wisconsin

Marissa Moondaughter, Anaheim, CA

Moonlight + Sage -MA

Jennifer Morgan, The Soul Filled Yogi -New York

Morgana Moonraven -Florida

Carla Moore

Susan Moore, CCH

Julie Mossburg  Live Oak, FL

Moving Forward with Grace -Canada

Mystic Journeys Light Healing Reiki- Virginia

Mystic Moon Insights, LLC - Hawaii

Mystic School of Spiritual Diversity- Texas

Nelida Munguia/ La Vida Sana Wellness- San Diego, CA

Marsha Nichols- Zen Healing -Canada

 The Nook, A Haven of Serenity Cornelius, NC

North Star Reiki and Crystal Healing

Emma Noye Colorado

Moonbird Holistics

Cara Moore United Kingdom

Deborah Nappi (Shamal) - Turin, Italy

New Light Association Palermo, Italy

Mary Oquendo

Jerry Pape, M. Div, RMT, CHH - Bowie, MD

Kym Sonja Pascal Australia

Cheryl Pastor, CHH

Tapan N. Patel- India

Path of Divine Restoration Spiritual Humanitarian Foundation

Parimala Patri, CCH

Paws-itively Reiki

Mary V. Pegram

Yvonne Peraza -New York

Flora Peterson, Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Psychic

 Jolanta Pickett, CCH -New Zealand

Joana Pinto-Portuguese Crystal Healing Association

PixE's Crystals-Christina Marsh

Dr. Jillian K. Postle- The Heart Star

Kate Pruiett

Psychic Rhiannon- Winnepeg, Canada

Mia Angela Ragonese

Radiant Alignment- Maryland, NY

Rainbow Rock Reiki- Black River Falls, WI

R.A.R.E. Skills- Reflexology and Reiki Energy skills- Canada

Medium Barbara Reid- Australia

The Reiki Guide

Reiki and Healing Therapies- Northern Ireland

Reiki Enerji Ve Kuantum Merkezi - Takyon Türkiye -Turkey

Reiki School of Training and Certifications

Reiki Star Academy of Holistic Learning- India

Reiki Method School of Energy

Reiki On

Tamara Aleece Rhodes

Alice Rich - East Brunswick, NJ

Nancy Elizabeth Richardson

Rising Persephone- Tampa, FL

Duania Roberts, CCH

Julie D. Roberts

Renee Robertson's Restoration-You, Inc. - New Jersey

Rocktales LLC- Naples, FL

Kristin Marie Rodriguez-New Mexico

Belinda May Rogers

Rogue Wave Designs

Annette Rose- England

Rosebud's Crystal Healings and Wellness  New York, NY

SacredHealingLight-Madison, WI

Sacred Voices- Texas

Trina Bridgeman Santiago

Sapphire Crystal Healing

School of Occult and Intuitive Studies

Michelle Anne Schrader Canada

Serendipity Skin Spa, LLC- South Carolina

Serenity Energyworks LLC - WI

Kathryn A. Sewell Colorado

ShadowLynxCastle Etsy Store-Florida

Lani Sharp, Author

Anna Silver, Author The Official Site

Silver Pyramid - Texas

Simple Healing Arts Academy by Lorraine Ellen Scott - Canada

Denise Smith

Maria M. Solana, CCH, RM

Society of Eclective Consciousness, CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC- Dallas, Texas

Spirit of Chi-Indonesia

The Soul Filled Yogi-Shining Star Academy -New York

Soul Living- Canada

Souls Passion, Hearts Desire-Donna Heitczman, CCH,RM - PA

Soul Star Healing - New Zealand

Diana M. Spiess

Spirit of Chi-Indonesia

Spirit Grove Reiki Springfield/Joplin, MO

SpiritLight Reiki -Florida

Spiritual Aspects  Australia

Spiritual Lotus

Rian Sprigh- South Africa

Sprinkling Sunshine-California

Lynda Stack

Alyson C. Stewart, CCH

Debra F. Stone

Stone Spirits Reiki

Jeanne Street, Spiritual Healer and Medium

T. Kaaminii Stroh

Subtle Flame- by Master Tan Kok Siang - Malaysia

Angela Y. Summers, CCH, RMP, RHP

Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics

 Sunshine Therapies

Surreal Tarot

Synergy of Light Crystal Healing

Synergy Sensations, LLC

Taima Gemz

Taima Terra Nova- Taima Gemz Facebook Page

Tangible Changes

Carolina Tarazona CCH

Temple of Elemental Magick, Inc.

The New Age Girl School of Wellness and Metaphysics

Therapeutic Vibrations, LLC

Brandy Thomas, CCH

Tilt On Tetrahedron

Touch of Earth Healing Arts


Tinkham Consulting by Michelle Tinkham, CCH

Ariel Tobin 

Touch of Reiki-California

Transpersonal Psychology Institute-Slovenia

Tree of Life Reiki Center -Arizona

Gina Velkly

Vibrations of the Awakened Minds, LLC

Kitty E.M. Ward, CCH, RM

White Magick's Community

White Mare Magick Ebay Store-Florida

Mary Matthews Wolf, CCH

Yvonne Wolff, CCH Washington

Lisa Wolfson

Womb Wellness Center

Daphne Wright-Gilstrap - New Jersey

Dr. Terri Yatzook- Florida

Yoniversity US

Medium Judith A. Young

Dr. Sarah M. Young

Zenchi Healing

Zenith School of Metaphysical Studies Healing