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Dawn Grey, founder of WMA, has been a practitioner of metaphysical arts since 1993.  While focusing primarily on teaching and writing, she is now offering the following services by special appointment on a limited basis.

Psychic Medium Session

In this service, one of my primary strengths is to communicate with those loved ones who have passed over, and the  purpose of conveying messages to help you move forward in your present.  Sessions will be done via telephone and are available only on weekend evenings by special appointment. Most sessions last approximately one hour and contain about 45 minutes of actual message from the individual(s) that come through, and approximately 15 minutes of discussion and interpetation but may run longer depending on how much information comes through.

Payment is not submitted until after we have discussed the goals of the session and an appointment time is settled based on availability.

In the event the time of appointment cannot be maintained due to weather, internet/telephone connectivity, or other reasons that the session is not productive, client will receive a full refund.

Psychic medium sessions are $125 USD,  approximately 1 hour

 please email me at for further information

Animal Communication

This session focuses on communicating with an animal, living or deceased and can span a wide range of issues from help locating missing pets, identifying behavioral issues, as well as receiving messages from your spirit/totem animal for higher spiritual evolution.

 Animal communication sessions generally last 30-45 minutes but the session will last as long as needed to convey the full message being shared with you. 

Sessions can be done over the telephone on weekends by special appointment for $ 75 USD or shorter sessions of a more informal nature can be done via Facebook chat, internet, or another convenient means for $45 per question.

I do not set a timer on the amount of time for these sessions, as the goal is to serve as a conduit of information. Please contact me at for more details and to set up an appointment. If an appointment is agreed upon, I will send you a paypal invoice and refunds are provided for cancellations, internet/telephone connectivity issues, or if the session is not productive.


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