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Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: DM.Litt., DM.T., MA, BSc.(Hons.), Dip. Para.psychol.HHP.


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Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is an author, Reiki Master and graduate Holistic Health student of Reiki Rays Institute. She is the Founder of World Ontological Web and Culture Web. Stephanie writes features focused on nascent areas of social science, including Sociology and Parapsychology. She holds an MA in Sociology: Qualitative Research from Goldsmiths College, London, UK and a combined honours degree in Sociology/ Psychology from City University, London. Stephanie Lynne has undertaken a range of vocational diplomas comprising postgraduate research papers on Consciousness Studies, Transformative Social Studies and Graphic Arts (UKCHT); with Distinctions. She also has a Dip. in Parapsychology, w/ Distinction. Stephanie is on the founding Board of Editors for the Journal of Space Philosophy and is an advisory consultant to Journal of Anomalous Sciences.


Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has freelanced extensively for the press, especially Los Angeles Chronicle and; more latterly, OpEdNews and CNN iReport. Over time, she has authored a series of Kindle books, achieving two best-sellers in music and creative arts. Ongoing academic works include multi-modal texts, ‘Consciousness, Human Enigma & Parapsychology,’  ‘Progressive Etudes on Human Progress: Nanotechnology & Space Sciences’ and ‘Integral Human Sciences’.  Her most recent Kindle books inlcude the trilogy 'Thought Matrix' and features ‘World Ontology’ and ‘The Human Matrix’,  as well as 'Vraisemblance:  Intelligent Design', 'World Ontology'.


In June 2013, Dawn Grey, Executive Director of the World Metaphysical Association awarded a WMA Doctorate via portfolio (DM.T.) to Stephanie Lynne in Spirituality and Creative Arts for her collection of published works.  In summer 2015, this delightful accolade was surpassed by the honour of a WMA Post-Doctoral Fellow Degree, (DM.Litt.) to commend Stephanie’s extensive, distinguished collection of humanistic digital titles themed on Metaphysical Ontology. (See Kindle author’s page). Her authored work is framed by the development of new- humanist thought, within a reflexive, spiritual milieu.


Stephanie Lynne is a Graduate Fellow of World Metaphysical Association and a Fellow of Meridian Institute for Psychotherapy & Associated Complementary Therapies. Stephanie Lynne joined the Education & Research Advisory Committee of Exopolitics Institute in Feb. 2014.


One of Stephanie Lynne Thorburn’s most incisive initiatives is the development of World Ontological Web, founded Dec 2014. She is presently evolving the resource site as a base for her Progressive Etudes educational study series, with forthcoming news, features and links to allied research & ontological spheres.


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 I have read all of the materials and found each and every one of them an amazing blend of academic and poetic writing in a style so rarely seen in today's literary scene. The Human Matrix exceeded my expectations and do hope everyone takes the opportunity to study what has earned an honour by WMA that has never been achieved until now- Post- Doctoral Fellow Degree' in Metaphysical Ontology, (DM.Litt.) . I highly recommend her works.- Dawn Grey