The Stones Speak Gemstone Guidance System


The Stones Speak:

Gemstone Guidance System



The Stones Speak Gemstone Guidance system features 44 stones that help facilitate communication with your Higher Self.

Created by Certified Tarot Master Instructor Aruna Dawn, The StonesSpeak is a wonderful tool for intuitive
guidance, divination, meditation and more. Now you too can use the same system she has used for personal and spiritual work for herself and clients over the last 25 years.

To become certified as an offiical Stones Speak Master Consultant, the applicant must demonstrate aptitude in using the program by doing three readings via email or video.

Upon successful completion, WMA will mail a signed certificate, suitable for framing, with your title as a Stones Speak Master Consultant. This will empower you to teach, perform StonesSpeak readings, or conduct workshops both online and in your local community.

This certification also counts towards our Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Program which is provided at no additional course after successfully completing any five courses with the World Metaphysical Academy, as well as our degree program.

Our graduates are also automatically approved for metaphysical accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association or the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers at a reduced rate. 

You may obtain a copy of the Stones Speak Guidance System, Expanded Edition direct from at an additional cost if you prefer a hardcopy, or simple use the pdf  version that will be sent to you as part of this course.

In addition, we offer the supplmental manual/materials to complete the course.   Once you feel ready to test and be a formal certification applicant, contact us at  with your demo readings.  Once accepted as a Master Consultant, you are fully empowered to teach, share, or use the StonesSpeak Guidance system in any way that you wish, but the printed book is copyrighted, so you will need to purchase or have your future students purchase the book if you are pursuing workshops or other teaching. You will also be empowered via your lifetime certification here to certify others to use and share StonesSpeak.

Tuition for the Stones Speak Master Consultant Course $75 USD plus postage of your certification

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