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WMA Tarot Reader Certification

For those who wish to obtain certification, but already have Tarot proficiency, WMA offers three certification options for professional certification.

If you are new and seeking to learn Tarot, please visit our Course List to enroll n the program. This option is open only to those who can demonstrate Tarot knowledge.

There are several personal reasons why you should consider WMA Board Certification:

Certification sets a professional standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the industry.

Certification establishes credentials as a practitioner for those who have many years of life experience but no formal education.

Certification earns you the respect of your peers and community.

Certification makes employment as a professional much easier.

Certification may be required in some states to work professionally, participate in a fair, or rent space.

Certification shows that you take your practice seriously.

 The WMA Tarot Certification Board was created by readers for readers, and is available to those who are self-taught, apprenticed, or formally educated. Tarot, Oracle readers, and anyone who uses a deck or tool to offer intuitive or metaphysical advice is welcome to apply. We offer three levels of certification, based on your level of aptitude.

Certified Tarot Grand Master
Qualifying  for the Tarot Grand Master level requires the following:
 proving you can meet the master level  criteria, 

Have been a certified Tarot professional in good standing for over ten years     

Have performed over 1,000 successful Tarot readings in your career, subject to verification


Have published a book or video series on Tarot


Have made significant and documented contributions to the Tarot community.
To qualify, please email reikrays@yahoo.com before submitting payment. Not all will qualify for this level, and we only wish to accept payment after you have met criteria. Applicants who pay up front and do not qualify will receive refunds or if preferred, credit towards another course or program.

Certification is $150 USD plus postage

Professional Tarot/Divination Master
The WMA Professional Tarot/Divination Master Consultant certification is ideal for those who are self-taught or have been already trained in tarot or another divination system such as oracle cards, coins, crystal ball scrying and so on, and would like certification and endorsement by WMA to help promote their practice. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate their ability by emailing or auditioning their abilities to verify their level of aptitude. Those who meet our criteria will receive an emailed logo proudly recognizing them as a Certified Tarot or Intuitive Reader and will be mailed certification suitable for framing. techniques.

$75 USD plus postage

Certified Master Instructor
Qualifying  for the Tarot Master Instructor involves or proving you can meet the master level  criteria, 


Have provided instruction to at least twenty students in the fundamentals of Tarot reading/Divination and interpretation                                                                  

Submit a curriculum or book outline for teaching an advanced level Tarot or Divination course or workshop. This is a great option for those who teach online or in local workshops.

Once approved you will receive your
WMA certification as a Master Instructor in the mail.

Fee $100 USD plus postage