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Welcome to the World Metaphysical Association, your source for education, networking, and services for the Metaphysical community.

This is the place to be if you are serious about promoting Metaphysics as your profession or your way of life.

 Metaphysics is recognized in the United States as Spiritual Philosophy and, thus, under law is considered religious expression and practice.  Ultimately, Metaphysicians are working toward helping others make their own personal understanding and connection with God/Source/Creator.

Please visit the links to the left, and check back often. We are an ever-evolving organization, and we have grown immensely since our beginnings as a free online club. Our offerings and directory is regularly updated with new resources for you.

We welcome all individuals of any religious background of legal age in their country who wish to promote the spiritual components of metaphysical healing, thought, and practices.  As such, we expect members to be open-minded, positive, and good ambassadors of the Metaphysical movement. 

We are thankful to all of you who have been involved to helping our expansion and hope we assist you in your personal evolution. We are excited to share our knowledge and joy with you.


Aruna Dawn, Executive Director


Dr. Emma Bisschoff, Executive Director, South African Chapter

WMA is not established as a church and therefore does not offer ordination. However, we have partnered with The Universal Light (TUL), a church that is fully authorized to provide ordination credentials to those who work in our field.  We are not affiliated nor owned by TUL, so we make our recommendation based on their many years of expertise and guidance in this industry.

If you are in this world to help others, the way the laws are changing, you need to become ORDAINED- please visit for further information.